My favorite read aloud is the secret zoo!It was awesome!I liked it when they finally interred the secret zoo.I also liked it when they were fighting the Sasquatches.My  favorite character is Noah.

If I was aloud to stay up all night I would play Skylanders. I would jump on my bed. I would read a book. I would make my room messy. I would play with a ball inside. I would do all that if I could stay up all night.
I would take a bottle of water,crackers,hot dog and a grapes to the beach. I would bring the water so I would have something to drink that is healthy. I would bring the hotdog for my lunch. I would bring the crackers and the grapes for a snack.
My Haiku
Massive animal
A small ferousios hunter
Speedy fast swimmer
Octopuses have parrot like beak to crack open hard shells. Octopus means eight feet! It lives on the ocean floor. There are over 100 different types of them! It hides in dens and berries itself under the sand! It eats crabs and scallops. 

Over Spring Break At The Hilton

My grandparents came to the Hilton. At the Hilton I fed some penguins! Over spring break I saw my friend Jordan from class at the Hilton Lagoon! At the Lagoon Jordan`s mom asked me if I would want a ride on a paddle board around the Lagoon and I said ,'Yes'! After the ride on the paddle board Jordan and I went to the slide pool. First we went in the hot tub at the slide pool. Then Jordan and I went on the slide! I had a wonderful spring break!

My car has a very big black Leak! There are a lot of lazy people who Sleep! I like to
Peek at my huge rapped presents on Christmas! The Abyss is the deepest part of the ocean!